Brotherhood Camo Cat Bow

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  1. Barend Kruger

    Good day i’am interest in this bow when will you have stock on this and do you more info on this bow for me

    • ShopManager

      Good day Barend
      I will have stock on the camo cat bow in 3 weeks time.

      Here is more information about the bow:


      FEATURES ■ Adjustable in 1″ increments
      ■ Right handed bow
      ■ 3 Pin Fiber Optic “Brightglo” sight
      ■ Visually enhanced cams
      ■ Soft touch finger rollers
      ■ Constructed to ATA/AMO standards

      PRODUCT SPECS ■ Draw Weight 17- 22 lbs
      ■ Draw Length 20″-22″
      ■ Let Off 60-70%

      COMES WITH ■ 3 pin Fiber Optic “Brightglo” sight
      ■ 2 Arrows
      ■ Package serves as a carrying case


      These brotherhood bows are perfect for training young hunters and unstilling a lifelong passion for the sport.
      The Barnett Brotherhood Camocat Junior Archery Set comes with a right-hand 17- to 22-lb. compound bow. The set includes a 3-pin Fiber Optic Brightglo sight, soft-touch finger rollers, and two arrows. The package also serves as a carrying case.

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