Gun re-ballering' - As good as new

Outdoor Centre & The Gun Shop uses state of the art manufacturing techniques. The services we offer are extensive and some of the most unique in the precision rifle industry. We pride ourselves in keeping all of our work in house, as far as possible, where quality and processes can be managed closely.

We are not a "cottage" business. We build rifles full time and pride ourselves on having attention detail rivaled by few and the absolute best customer service in the industry.

Our experience covers a broad span; Ranging from competitive rifles for the Olympic and International Long Range arenas, Dangerous game/Safari, and precision tactical rifles that see actual service in the world’s high threat environment.

Gunsmithing is more than just a necessary service or an interesting hobby. It’s an art form.

For gun owners, it’s important to keep your firearms in good working order. There’s nothing sadder than seeing a beautiful firearm damaged or rusted from years of misuse or neglect.  Our on-site gunsmithing services set us apart from other gun shops. From making great grandpa’s old rusty barn gun work like new to making your standard 1911 a work of art, we can help. From sighting in your new firearm or restoring a family heirloom we are here for you.