Grumpy’s Fishing Report

This week produced some good fish due to the presence of large schools of mullet close to the shoreline.

Along with the mullet came the sharks and obviously the big kob which were really on the bite. Areas such as Doep se gat, Predikant se gat, Horingbaai and Canopy were on fire and rendered some superb catches. Everybody joined the feast. You could cast far or shallow, the fish were there and gladly took the bait.

The sizes landed was also impressive. Fish right up to the 15kg weight category were reported. The majority of catches were however in the 75cm range or in the 3-5kg class, with every third or fourth one reeled in much bigger.

For those not familiar with the abovementioned areas, they are located about 15km north from Cape Cross. These angling spots are actually pretty easy to find as they all have signs indicating their location on the main road.

Another popular angling spot was the Winston wreck. Steenbras of up to 9kg were caught and this time on fresh crayfish. The odd kob was also subdued with sardines as bait.

Not to be outdone where the ski boats fishing at the Vierkantklip area. The fish were a bit deeper with the boats laying approximately 2km from the shoreline. Big kob catches were at the order of the day with commercial fishermen and tourists alike having tons (literally and figuratively) of fun.

It seems the strong Southwester along with a few other factors such as horse mackerel close to the shoreline resulted in some good fishing.

It was also full moon, so next week’s report should contain some exciting news.

Until next week. Tight lines.