Outdoor Centre & The Gun Shop

The Gunshop was founded 1981 and has grown from humble beginnings to the group called Outdoor Centre Group. National Licences to deal in arms and ammunition exist both for The Gunshop and Outdoor Centre.

Outdoor Centre group consists of currently two specialised retail outlets, Outdoor Centre and The Gunshop.

To be the market leader through respect for our brands and a approach to ensure our clients the competitive edge in the field.

To innovate and maintain, best in class management, business policy and human capital development ensuring enhanced abilities in decision making at all levels of our business.

Fully experienced staff with a combined 75 years of experience.

Expert advice on firearms, ammunition, reloading, archery, fishing and camping.

Professional gun smithing and well equipped workshop for gun servicing and adjustments.

   Our mission is to have fun and enjoy what we do and sell!